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Functional Nutrition Approach for Disease Prevention and Treatment

Achieving peak health necessitates personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice catering to your unique requirements. Unlike the 'general' approach to nutrition, which usually only considers a particular condition, such as heart disease, a broader scope of enquiry, as evident from a functional nutrition approach, will help you understand and address the root cause of symptoms.

It will also acknowledge the interconnectedness between all the organs and functions in the body and the influence of the mind and the environment on the individual. This, in turn, will promote an impactful change instead of the often limited impact oversimplified nutrition adjustment may have.


Crafting Tailored Treatment Plans

Combining assessment findings with expert knowledge of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and lifestyle allows the specialist registered dietitian to formulate a medical, nutritional therapy treatment plan. This plan is based on advanced knowledge of nutrition and its role in developing or preventing disease, aiming to improve well-being or treat a condition.

The expertise of the specialist registered dietitian ensures that you are in the best hands for your recovery journey, providing you with confidence and security. This specialist service is not achievable through an app or where other healthcare professionals offer nutrition advice.


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Harnessing Food as Medicine with Functional Nutrition

You can get help with various health conditions and harness the power of food to prevent and treat illness.

A functional nutrition approach considers symptoms whilst addressing underlying imbalances through targeted dietary interventions, supplementation and lifestyle modifications. The root causes of diseases are addressed thereby chronic conditions can be improved or prevented.