a scientist performing a nutrigenetic assessment on his laptop

The Power of Nutrigenetic Testing

Often, doctors don't grasp the importance of tailoring nutrition to meet an individual's unique health requirements. Have you ever wondered why a particular diet plan worked so well for your friend but not for you? Do you have concerns about a family history of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease or Alzheimer dementia and want to do all you can to live your best life?

A nutrigenetic evaluation might be the best way for you to optimise your approach to food, exercise, your environment, and even certain medications.


Unleashing Your Genetic Potential

You can unlock the power of your genes and learn how to switch 'bad' ones or 'protective' ones on or off with food and nutrients. Perhaps you require more folate or zinc and the amount you can get from food is simply not enough. Perhaps your love of sweets is genetic, and you require some adjustment other than sweeteners to help you manage it. Maybe the exercise you've been doing dose not suite your body and switching could improve how you feel and are able to perform.

A nutrigenetic test will help you clearly understand actions that will impact your well-being throughout your lifespan - from prevention during early life throughout your adult years and ageing.



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a man performing tests on the nutrition of different fruits and vegetables to mitigate genetic predispositions

Tailored Strategies to Mitigate Genetic Predispositions

The personalised recommendations you will receive once the test results are available will also allow a tailored approach to mitigate genetic predispositions, such as the development of diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances or cancer or even sport injury or obesity.

A comprehensive nutrigenetic assessment, supported by science, will empower you to make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing that's 100% personal.